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Frequently Asked Questions

Curbside Recycling:


Recycling is generally picked up Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, with the exception of holidays which will generally alter that schedule.

Monday is for those residences WEST of Vance Street.

Tuesday is for those residences EAST of Vance Street.

Wednesday is for corrugated cardboard,  newspapers & magazines.


Local Services:

Water, Sewer & Electric           419+396-7681

Progressor-Times newspaper    419+396-7567

Hard Drive ER / hderlink           419+396-3815

Time-Warner Cable                  800+617-4311

Direct TV Deals                        855+463-7359

Frontier Telephone                   800+483-4000

Double K Sanitation              419+396-3244  or 6244

Carey Public Schools               419+396-7638

Carey Medical Center              419+396-7683

Carey Post Office                    419+396-6664

Dorcas Carey Public Library    419+396-7921

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