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Ongoing Projects & Events

Growing pains continue with the electrical substation construction. Foundations are in and the building is being constructed so new major equipment can begin to be installed. The South Loop work has been completed and now feeds the new Arrowhead Commerce Park site tenants. The evaluation and grant commitment by the EDA has been reduced due to a disagreement with the council selection of contractors, but now project is back in motion, including preparations for the pole line work, and replacement of 40 year old poles. 
The Solar Field continues to operate well, and has again exceeded expectations by generating substantially more than predicted (over 2.7M kWhrs during 2016).  
The Round 30, Issue One grant project has reached "substantial completion". Our  success through Small Government Commission assistance for our projects has again benefitted the residents of Carey. We wish to thank Kirk Brothers, as the contractor, for their professionalism and attention to detail which has made this project easier than many.   
The Preliminary Design of our WW facilities, has been completed, and the recommendations presented to council for authorization to move forward. That has been provided, and the funding applications are being submitted for Design Phase, which will hopefully lead to a construction phase in late 2018. As planned, with new regulations being promulgated by Ohio EPA, phosphorous removal, will be included as part of the project.
New projects include two economic development improvement projects, both are accompanied by dual grants from ODSA (Ohio jobs) and the ODOT 629 roadway program. With majority funding being reimbursement grants, we have to use short term financing through the State Infrastructure Bank program to complete the work, then receive the state monies.
One is for Roadway Improvements serving the Arrowhead Commerce Park and the other serving the county's largest employer, CSP, also a Roadway Improvement.
We have been selected to receive a 95%/5% grant from ODOT for replacement of a failing bridge on Ogg Street. With a total project cost around $400,000, the local share, with pre-construction costs, will be around $90,000. That project is scheduled for ODOT's FY 2020.
The most recent, and probably the most promising for the community as a whole, is the Notice of Award for the joint (school & village) Safe Routes To School Grant which was submitted earlier this year. At first the project was not funded this round, but ODOT's Safety group "found" additional dollars and funded the entire request, for ODOT's FY2021. That is a $306,221 grant, which will need to be started for pre-construction designs and planning purposes.
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