2020 Swimming Pool Passes


Village of
Carey Municipal
Swimming Pool





      Resident:   (Inside Carey School District)

                             Single Adult (out of High School)                 $33.75

                             Single Youth (student in School)                  $33.75

                             Family (2)                                                     $52.50

                             Family (3-4)                                                 $67.50

                             Family (5-7)                                                 $75.00

                                 Additional Members of the Immediate Family

                                 up to 10 Members                                              $15.00 Each


          Non-resident:  (Outside Carey School District)

                              Single Adult (out of High School)                $41.25

                              Single Youth (student in School)                  $41.25

                              Family (2)                                                    $60.00

                              Family (3-4)                                                 $75.00

                             Family (5-7)                                                  $82.50

                                 Additional Members of the Immediate Family

                                 up to 10 Members                                             $22.50 Each


*Family members should be residents of the same household. This does not include extended family. A household would consist of parents and their children, this does not include their siblings, husbands, wives, nieces, nephews or grandchildren.*


**NOTE:  All Season Tickets are half-price after August 1st.



                  Ages 6 & up                                  $3.00

                 Ages 5 & under                            $1.00


Pool hours are 1-7 p.m. Monday through Sunday.


The Pool manager may close the pool due to inclement weather or if the temperature does not get above 65 degrees F.  In the event it is closed due to stormy weather, the pool will reopen if and when the weather clears up. The swimming pool phone number is


***** Starting Tuesday 6/2/2020 (today) Pool passes are available for purchase. The list above are new prices at a 25% discount because of the new Covid-19 restrictions for the year 2020. If you would like to purchase a pass please call 419-396-7681 to make an appointment with the Village of Carey. Thank You! ****