AMP AMI Project

The Village of Carey is initiating an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project to replace its electric and water meters. The effort is part of an overall process to improve customer service and modernize its utility system.

Over the next several months, the Village will be communicating with residents about the project. This packet of information is provided to journalists and community thought leaders to share key information about the project. Included are:

  • The AMI Project’s Objectives
  • Benefits to the Village from its membership in AMP
  • RF Health Summary
  • Privacy Summary
  • Sample letter to customers
  • Project Q&A

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The Village of Carey

AMI Project Objectives


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) will improve the Village service to its customers

  • Today, meters are read manually by physically visiting each meter location each month. This process is labor-intensive and adversely affected by bad weather or access to meters in difficult to read locations. Missed reads are estimated, resulting in less accurate bills.
  • Advanced meters read electric meters every 15 minutes and water meters every hour, and securely transmit this information to the Village’s offices several times per day. This reduces the number of estimated bills and improves the accuracy of utility bills.
  • When customers move in or out of premises in the Village today, they must wait for a utility worker to arrive and connect or disconnect electric service. Advanced electric meters enable remote connection and disconnection of electric service.
  • When storms move through the area and knock out electric service, the Village’s electric utility workers must rely on customer calls to determine locations where electric facilities may have been damaged. Advanced electric meters produce a power outage notification, enabling faster restoration.
  • Advanced electric and water meters provide key notifications to the Village’s utility operators like low voltage or potential water leaks.

Modernizing the Village’s utility systems provides additional benefits

  • Cost reductions will be enabled by less labor-intensive meter reading processes and eliminating truck rolls to connect & disconnect electric service.
  • Customers with high bill complaints usually require a utility worker to perform a check reading. With advanced metering, customer service personnel in the Village’s offices will have access to electric and water meter readings, reducing the need for check readings.
  • The reduction in truck rolls will reduce fuel consumptions and emissions from the Village’s fleet of vehicles.
  • Improvements to system operations through reductions in losses (more accurate metering).


About AMP:

The Village of Carey is a member of American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP). AMP is a nonprofit corporation that owns and operates electric facilities with the purpose of providing generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power and energy to its members.

By coordinating, negotiating and developing power-supply options and interconnection agreements, AMP is able to purchase wholesale electric power and energy and sell it to members at rates based on the cost and dispatch fees.

The organization also develops alternate power resources to best meet members’ short- and long-term needs. Operating an energy control center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year’, AMP is always on demand to serve its member communities.

AMP provides a wide range of other services on a cooperative, nonprofit basis for the mutual benefit of all member communities. AMP’s Advanced Metering Program is one such service.

About the AMP Advanced Metering Program:

Some AMP members who moved forward independently with AMI deployments have found operating & supporting these systems to be IT-intensive. Other AMP members have subscribed to vendor-hosted solutions to mitigate these risks, but have found them to be less than adequate. These and many of AMP’s other members who have not yet deployed AMI were currently considering alternatives to these two approaches.

AMP identified members interested in working together on an AMI solution for some time. AMP issued an RFI to 23 vendors, selected 15 vendors for demonstrations, and invited nine vendors to submit pricing. The RFP responses were reviewed and vendors selected by AMP Staff and included Members with existing AMI systems and those considering AMI. The selected vendors have over 23 million meters in service and have deployed nearly 150 municipal utility AMI systems.

By participating in the AMP program, the Village of Carey leverages this vendor selection process and gains the benefit of collaborating with other members. AMP’s first deployment in Ephrata, PA is complete, and two additional deployments are underway – Milford, DE and Seaford, DE.

AMP’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Program provides economies of scale from bulk purchasing of field components, shares the cost and complexity of back office system requirements (AMI software, billing system integrations, etc.), and provides support for Member’s customer communications and business case development.

Key benefits of the AMI Program to participating municipal utility systems are reductions in implementation risk and long-term operations complexities, cost savings through joint action and the provision of Service Level performance guarantees.

Affected Area: 

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Status Update (chronological): 

Smart Meter Project Beginning in January 2019, the Village of Carey, in partnership with American Municipal Power, Inc (AMP), will kick off the AMI project. We expect the installation of the new smart meters on all electric and water service connections served by the Village in the summer of 2019. The village of Carey Smart Meter Project Quick Facts • More efficient water and electric meter reading; • Organizational efficiencies; • Reduced operating costs; • Increased opportunities for leak detection - reduced waste; • Outage management improvements - increased reliability; • Greater in-field operation capabilities.
The order for the new electric and water meters has been placed as of May 10th. We will be deploying the water meters first, around mid-August. Deployment of the electric meters will follow shortly after the water meters. If you refer to the timeline, everything will be completed by February of next year, but the hope is that we will be complted by the end of this year.
Installation of the water meters is scheduled to begin September 16th. Pro-Meters will be doing the installation of the meters and will be in contact with you to schedule a time for inside installation of water meters.
Almost all of the new water meters have been installed. All of the access points and repeaters have also been installed along with some test meters. We are expecting the new electric meters to be arriving in the coming weeks.
Electric meters started being installed on 12/11, by PMI and will continue for at least the next week.