Safe Routes To School Grant

1. Multi-Use Path & Lighting - Construct a 10' wide asphalt multi-use path between the new school parking lot and Patterson Street, utilizing the North half of Memorial Park Boulevard. (See map below) The Village of Carey will rebuild the south side of the existing boulevard to accommodate two-way vehicular traffic. Lighting will also be included along with the proposed path.

**The Village of Carey will begin construction work on Memorial Drive by the end of May**


2. Glenn Ave & South Street Sidewalk Improvement - Connect existing walk along the east side of Glen Ave. to South Street. Install curb and ADA curb ramps along with striping. (See map below)


3. Crabapple Drive Connect - Connect both Crabapple Drives with sidewalk with proper signage and markings. (See map below, Section F)

4. Intersection Upgrades - Upgrade the following intersections with signage, markings, and ramps where needed. (See map below)a. Glen Ave. and Worrello St.

b. Clay St./Worrello St. and S. Vance St.

c. E. South St. and S. Vance St.

d. N. Vance St. and Findlay St.

Status Update (chronological): 

At first, the project was not funded this round, but ODOT's Safety group "found" additional dollars and funded the entire request, for ODOT's FY2021. That is a $306,221 grant, which will need to be started for preconstruction designs and planning purposes.
As of November 18th, Memorial Drive was completely resurfaced by the village. The next step in the process will be the new walk path being put in by the state next year.
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